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We reached over 36.6 million people in 2022-23 – increasing individual knowledge and improving the quality of care community health workers, peer educators and health practitioners provide to their clients in the community.

Our 2021-24 strategy outlines our commitment to close the HIV knowledge gap and build health literacy in locations and with those people most affected. Below are some examples of the impact our work is having.

We are continually working to understand our impact better and will regularly update the information on this page and our project pages.

Over 36.6 million people empowered through knowledge


Every day thousands of people turn to Avert content and products for information and support. Our accessible, sex-positive content has the potential to change the lives of those at risk of, or affected by HIV, increasing knowledge, promoting positive behaviours and increasing uptake of services. Our Be in the KNOW brand supports individuals across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

All peer educators and lay counsellors require this app. I have loved it since when I got a hold of it.

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Through our Boost and Be in the KNOW brands, Avert delivers accessible, digital tools and resources into the pockets of community health workers, peer educators, community outreach workers and others in the community.


Our work supports a range of practitioners working across the HIV response with trusted information and materials – covering practical programming issues and supporting good practice through a dedicated news service.

Achievements from some of our projects


In its first 12 months, Be in the KNOW reached over 13 million people in sub-Saharan Africa


100,000+ Boost users across sub-Saharan Africa


86% of users found the Be in the KNOW website useful

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96% of OPHID Boost users increased their confidence and improved communication with the clients they support by using the app

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Over 100,000 young users in South Africa started online conversation on the issues that matter to them through Young Africa Live

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Life skill app Yaya rolled out to over 550 low literacy girls in Mozambique

Photo credit: Media Lens King/iStock. Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.