Hands together

About the partnership

Avert works with CIDRZ as a research partner, to understand what effect digital health communication can have on the knowledge and intended actions of the young people who watch and engage with it. Research together so far has investigated how and to what extent digital content can successfully influence the attitudes and intentions of young people to make healthy sexual health choices during the time of COVID-19 restrictions.

CIDRZ has worked in partnership with Avert since 2019. We have found Avert to be an engaged and thoughtful partner, with a commitment to understanding the needs of their audience and to supporting high quality digital health communication in the region.



CIDRZ is a non-governmental health organisation in Zambia, with a mission to improve access to quality healthcare through innovative capacity development, implementation science and research, and impactful and sustainable public health programs in areas including HIV/AIDS, women’s health and community outreach.

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