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About the partnership

KaiOS runs on 100 million feature phones worldwide. Avert has been working with the feature phone operating system since 2020, to increase access to high quality, accessible sexual health information for those without smartphones. We have created a version of our Boost app on the KaiStore, making it freely available on KaiOS feature phones. The KaiOS version of Boost has all the same materials on HIV, sexual health and COVID-19 as the Android and web apps, adapted for use on feature phones. Avert is also a content development partner on the KaiOS Life app, that provides users with tools and resources on a range of topics including digital skills, health, education, and gender equality.

We are thrilled to count Avert amongst our partners. We are impressed by the prevention work they've done for AIDS and HIV since 1986 and are proud to tie with Avert to make their content accessible to an even larger segment of the population that has been left behind from digital revolution: Avert content on KaiOS allows smart feature phone users to gain access to prevention content about AIDS, HIV and now COVID-19.

Mathieu Boyer

Senior Director of Ecosystem and Performances at KaiOS.

About KaiOS

Running on over 100 million devices worldwide, KaiOS is a mobile operating system that brings much of the functionality of smartphones to feature phones. With a mission to advance digital inclusion and close the digital divide, the platform enables users in over 150 countries to access features such as WiFi, GPS and apps on phones that are affordable and easy to use.

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