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About the partnership

Avert has signed up to The Pleasure Project’s ‘Pleasure Principles’, a set of principles designed to act as a guide and inspiration to support organisations to adopt a sex-positive, pleasure-based approach to sexual health.

Avert is one of the few organisations who has placed sex positivity, sexual rights, diversity and pleasure in their powerful value statement.  Avert is and has been a role model for high quality sexual health and HIV information and resources, and we are thrilled to see the continued commitment to pleasure inclusion and honest real content that addresses peoples real needs to have the safest, best relationships they can. Keep shining a pleasure positive light for your users Avert!

The Pleasure Project

About The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to eroticize safer sex, and to develop the evidence base for a sex-positive and pleasure-based approach to sexual health and rights. The Pleasure Project provides training and consultancy for sexual health professionals and sexuality educators and others who want to take a more sex-positive and pleasure-based approach to their work.

The Pleasure Project has contributed to evidence generation on pleasure, safer sex and agency through their research and publications, including an evidence review recently conducted with WHO which has shown that considering pleasure in sexual health and sex education significantly increases condom use, knowledge and safer sex. Pleasure based sexual health literally saves lives.

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